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For those of you who may not be familiar with "Jane Savoie" or her "Happy Horse" Training Course,
Jane is a 3 time olympic Dressage Training Coach and is known in equestrian circles as possibly the best Dressage Training Coach the world has ever known and her home study course is considered by many to be the "Bible of Dressage Training". Equestrians of all disciplines have benefited greatly from her 40+ years of dedication to the sport... Her knowledge, experience, and coaching methods are unsurpassed in the field of competitive horse training!
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Jane Savoie happy horse Dressage training Course graphic
Jane Savoie happy horse Dressage training Course graphicJane Savoie happy horse Dressage training Course graphicJane Savoie happy horse Dressage training Course graphic
Jane Savoie happy horse Dressage training Course graphic
From Novice Rider to Advanced Trainer, this is a Powerful, Effective and Easy to Understand Curriculum that Will Make a Huge Difference in Your Riding, Training and Your Overall Relationship with Your Horse!
Here's what Jane had to say when asked why she calls her training course "A Happy Horse"...

'Everybody wants their horse to be happy and there's a lot of reasons why their horse will be happy when following my program, the main thing for me is that my training is completely based on reward, this is how I develop happy horses and how I teach people to develop happy horses.

Often times riders will think that if they are not punishing their horse then that is the reward, however I think it is just the opposite, I think that if you are not rewarding them in some fashion be it, petting them telling them they're a good boy/girl, giving them a walk on a long reign or whatever, then you are essentially punishing your horse

Another reason the program creates happy horses is that it gives you a way to develop a very clear language, you have one aid that means one and only one thing, and then when you want to ask your horse to do something different you have another set of aids, as a result your horse is happy because it's not bewildered or confused, the language is so clear and everything is based on reward, the whole development of your relationship with your horse is very harmonious'

"I've learned as much from the Jane Savoie Happy Horse Training Course as my student who purchased it.

Jane you are just fantastic. Anyone who may think its expensive, Just think of it as a few clinics, which are only a one time thing... You can review her course over and over again.

It pin points so many basic problems that so many of us over look, which inhibits further success until those problems are addressed. Jane explains everything in a very easy to understand format.

And of course there's gorgeous Moshi, to drool over!"

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"I bought Jane's original Happy Horse course two years ago and have studied it consistently over the last two years. I don't think you will ever find a better instructor, I have never found a better series where you can go back to the instruction over and over until you finally achieve the refinement and skill between both horse and rider that is neccessary to compete at an elite level

I've worked with many dressage trainers and as far as I am concerned there is no one better than Jane."

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Customer Testimonials:

"My wife recently scored a 78% in a local show in the novice horse/training level class after studying the Jane Savoie Happy Horse training course... She wants more!"

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She's amazing. I have her course and its fabulous!

I just wish I lived in America or that she would move to Australia so I could have lessons with her personally,. she's a great motivational speaker as well as a great horsewoman, coach and Trainer!

I strongly encourage you to get her course, I've learned more in one 10 minute video than I did in 6 months with an instructor.

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I think that Jane Savoie is an excellent trainer - she is a 3 time Olympic coach and once got to the Olympics herself as the USA Dressage team reserve. I've now bought her Happy Horse home study course and I have to say it is worth every penny - my instructor keeps asking me what I'm doing because my horses are improving so quickly!

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Jane Savoie is well known in the Dressage world as a clinician, coach, author and rider.  Having competed and taught on an international level, her expertise in the area of the higher level movements of Dressage is well documented and well known.

Jane has addressed one of the biggest issues facing riders today, horse rider fear. Still widely regarded as a taboo subject, Jane recounts her own struggles with fear, which allows her to empathize with those she’s teaching.  The general attitude in the equestrian world is one of “get back on” when a rider suffers a fall or mishap that undermines their confidence.  This leaves many riders to suffer in silence while completely losing their enjoyment of horse related activities and horses in general.

Jane’s empathic and understanding style of teaching is perfect for the rider whose negative thoughts are limiting their success or enjoyment of riding.  Most riders will never reach the higher echelons of Dressage and often ride average horses on a limited budget.  Jane Savoie's Happy Horse training program is geared towards the every day rider who can’t afford an on site high priced trainer, but would benefit from all the experience that Jane has to offer.  For those that have become afraid of riding, the loss can be devastating and most never fully recover to their previous level of enjoyment.  Having a connection and access to Jane’s knowledge and experience can help these fearful riders return to riding in their own way and on their schedule. 

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Very few riding instructors approach teaching from a psychological standpoint.  Each rider is an individual and brings their own set of fears to the arena. A good instructor will recognize when things need to remain status quo and when a rider needs to be pushed a little beyond their comfort zone. Jane takes the mental state of the rider into consideration and provides a workable solution to the problem.

Most riders try to soak up all the information they can find in an effort to get assistance with their horse or their riding.  Many are discouraged to find that unless they ride a high dollar horse and board at a high-level competition barn, that help for them is out of reach.  These are the people that the Jane Savoie Happy Horse home study course was created for.

Jane Savoie gives every day people the information they need to be successful and to effectively work through problems. Her multi-faceted approach to riding insures that the mental health of both horse and rider are considered at every step in the learning process.

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The Jane Savoie Happy Horse training program is absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend ANYTHING from her... Don't let the cost hold you back, it is worth every penny and will actually save you a lot of money on personal training.

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Drawing from her own experience, Jane Savoie set out to create a horse training and mentoring program that explained the art of riding in a way that those less experienced could understand.  Riding is a complex combination of feel, timing, and cues to the horse that can often become muddied when an instructor doesn’t explain things clearly enough.

Most riders have suffered through the experience of a trainer that has told them what to do, but not shown them how to do it.  Typically most trainers have ridden for years and for them the feel and timing have become second nature. This creates a disconnect between what the rider understands and what the instructor is telling them to do.  The best instructors stop to take the time to explain with visual analogies and step-by-step instructions so the rider can grasp the concept before they can successfully complete the task. 

Jane Savoie recognizes these problems and has geared her training program with this in mind. Having suffered through her own mishaps as she learned to ride, she has now come up with training materials that encompass her philosophy of clear, concise instruction that addresses any negative emotions that the rider might be having.

She also understands that not everyone can afford a $50,000 Warmblood from Europe and that those riding a Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred or Arabian should be able to learn and have access to information that was otherwise unavailable to them.
Her approach is a refreshing change from many other trainers who consider themselves Dressage royalty.

Dressage can be a costly, frustrating and sometimes dangerous sport. Having someone with the experience of Jane Savoie to help them out and guide them through those sticky spots is invaluable in helping riders improve their riding and their overall success.  Her principles can be applied to other areas of life where someone might be struggling from self-doubt, lack of self-confidence or fear.

Riding horses can be very demanding. Not only is the rider dealing with their own personal issues, but the horse’s as well.  The rider might feel like a million bucks but if the horse is not having a good day, then the ride can often be a struggle. Jane Savoie Happy Horse training course addresses these issues and provides solutions that leave both rider and horse with a positive experience.

With Jane Savoie’s training program, riders have expert knowledge, coaching and ground rules at their fingertips with support from Jane herself.

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An Honest and Open Letter from the Editor:

From the desk of
Pattie Johnson

Although I firmly believe in the quality of training provided in Jane Savoie's Happy Horse home study course and I continue to endorse her product, I have however received many inquiries asking me if I know of any other Dressage Training Courses that might compare to the Happy Horse course but that are sold at a more affordable price.

I understand your concerns and do realize that Jane's course does come with a hefty price tag, I also can appreciate that the high price tag is a barrier for many people. After all, her course retails for $997.00 which is certainly not within everyone's budget (but still well worth it in my opinion).

With that being said, I have researched various alternatives and I have found what I feel is a perfect alternative to Jane's course and is well suited for those with a limited budget who are in need of quality, professional training and
I am very proud to give it my personal stamp of approval.

I invite you all to check out www.DressageTrainingOnline.com where you will find "The perfect complement to your dressage education, whether your aspirations are improvement of dressage basics or Olympic dreams"... there is a plethora of training for every rider of every skill level and I believe the price is within everybody's budget.

Here's a quick overview of what is being offered:

  • Over 1300 videos from the world's most respected trainers and riders
  • FEI judges provide scores and commentary on tests of all levels
  • Global high profile events to attend virtually
  • Unlimited access to the largest dressage video library in the world
  • 10 new videos added monthly
  • and much, much more...

Please take a moment to visit their official website at: www.DressageTrainingOnline.com, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

I am very excited to bring this information to you today and I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Kind regards,